The Company

    Gagliazzo Dino is a company that deals with the production of mouldings for frames in various shapes and finishes, assembly of standard and custom-made frames and mirrors, sale of commercial and art paintings, and then ranging from production for the world of Hotel Contract, to Interior Design.

    In 1957, the Gagliazzo family put an ambitious idea into practice, giving life to a company which, through time and generations, has become one of the most important industrial and commercial realities in its sector. All thanks to the craftsmanship quality of its frames production and the solid artistic competence it uses for the selection of the paintings proposed in its wide and eclectic Gallery.

    Representing Made in Italy has always been our goal and pride, while professionalism and commitment are our foundations. For us, all types of customers are important, and this versatility has helped us to diversify more and more the products and services we can offer both to the professional and to the private customer.

    In addition to the products that we usually deal with, we are certainly the effective response to requests created ad-hoc, such as the production in auction of templates for frames to the sample, and profiles for skirting boards, paintings with techniques and subjects on commission, prints of artistic reproductions and photographs with choice in the catalogue.

    We have always dealt with hotel supplies, so we can offer an infinity of prints depicting any subject and oil paintings at the request of the customer, giving the possibility to be framed with all models in production, creating the right balance between elegance and style for each environment always in the field of hotel supplies and catering, we can provide custom mirrors and sample respecting the many artistic solutions with all the canons of safety