Gagliazzo Dino

    Mouldings for Frames

    A wide range of selected auctions, ranging from the most classic to the most modern, is available as a sample to meet every type of choice and market need.

    Frames and Mirrors

    An in-house professional department deals with the creation of frames and mirrors to measure and to project, in order to guarantee a personalised or design product in compliance with all artistic and safety standards.

    Paintings and Artworks

    Our gallery, managed with great competence and artistic experience, boasts a wide selection of classic and modern subjects, adaptable to the many possibilities of placement in both private sector and hotel contract


    Highly qualified production of ready-made mouldings for frames whit a gallery that offers a huge selection of author’s, commercial and prints paintings, from contemporary art to neoclassical reproduction.


    Production of hundreds of models that allows us to carry out any customer project.


    Any size suitable for your environment. Classic, modern or customized style.


    Wide choice in our gallery, from contemporary art to neoclassical reproduction, available in various sizes and subjects.


    We produce any model for your needs, creating the right balance between elegance and style for each environment.